Green Home Appliances Can Save Energy Use

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One of the largest consumers of energy in a home are home appliances. The use of heat, electric and water are of primary concern to environmentally conscious peoples, and this concern is growing more and more every year with the advent of global climate change. Taking some steps to improve the energy use and reduce the wasteful nature of home appliances can get very far in reducing the overall carbon footprint of your home. Here we share a few tips that can help you do just that, and not sacrifice on any of the modern conveniences we’ve come to enjoy.

Start with Your Washing Machine

The biggest use of energy in a home is usually a combination of the washing machine and the dryer. Not only does it take a lot of energy to clean clothes, but it takes several different forms of energy, including water (for the wash), electric (for the mechanics and possible for the drying process) and gas (for both the drying process and the hot water). In this way the laundry room is a triple threat when it comes to your energy usage, but there are something you can do about that.

compact stackable washing machine

Use a Compact Washer Dryer

The use of a compact washer and dryer can save water and energy usage by up to 50%. Chances are a standard 2 or 3 person household doesn’t need an extra large washer/dryer setup, and opting for a smaller version can net you some serious savings on your energy bill. As an added benefit, many compact washers and dryers also come in stackable versions that can save you space in your laundry room.

PRO TIP: Do fewer loads. This may seem obvious but many people violate this rule. Don’t do a load of laundry for just one or two outfits. The amount of energy it takes to run the machine doesn’t really increase with clothes amounts, so running fewer loads with more clothes saves you energy in the long run.

Next Attack Electric Heaters of All Forms

Anytime you are using electricity for a heat source you are burning energy at massive levels. Electricity is usually generated by heat itself (whether it’s coal, nuclear or solar), so transferring it back into heat loses so much in the process that it because incredibly inefficient.

So don’t use electric toaster ovens, stoves, space heaters or clothes dryers if you can help it. Stick to using gas-powered heating elements when possible, as it’s much more efficient as well as inexpensive.

Don’t underestimate the importance of insurance for house cleaning services and appliances. That’s vitally important if you do not wish to pay compensation out of your own pocket.

Keep em Clean

Next step for all your appliances is to keep them clean and in good working order. For appliances with a lot of moving parts (like washing machines, lawn mowers, etc) this type of maintenance can reduce overall energy usage as well as reduce the necessity of repairs in the long run.

So there you have it, a few great tips for saving energy in the home. Hope this has been helpful!